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Science Foundation for Livelihoods and Development (SCIFODE) was founded in 2006 by a team of eminent Ugandan scientists and science communication personalities to harness the benefits science and technology for development. and incorporated in January 2007 as a Company Limited by Guarantee under the laws of the Republic of Uganda. SCIFODE’s mandate is to promote the application of science principles and practices for improvement of livelihoods and for sustainable management of natural resources. Read More

Science And Politics Clash Over Ugandan Forest

Scientists are challenging politicians over the planned give-away of a natural forest east of Kampala, Uganda, for a sugar plantation.

The Ugandan state-owned newspaper The New Vision last month (20 March) reported that Uganda was in the process of leasing 7,100 hectares ― around a quarter ― of the Mabira Central Forest Reserve to the Sugar Corporation of Uganda, part of the international Mehta group.

D-Day Approaches For Uganda’s Biosafety Law, Which Could Pave Way For GMO Crops

A cross section of Ugandan farmers and national legislators are aggressively lobbying the outgoing Parliament to quickly pass the Biosafety and Biotechnology Bill 2012 before their term ends this month.

Uganda Gives Go-Ahead To Biotechnology Policy

Uganda's cabinet has approved its first National Biotechnology and Biosafety Policy, after eight years of deliberation.

The policy was approved last week (2 April), and provides objectives and guidelines for the promotion and regulation of biotechnology use in the country.


How Anti-Modern Farming Agroecology NGOs Spread GMO Misinformation In Africa

Africa is under attack. But who is the perpetrator and who are the victims?


Biotechnology Could Remove Dirty Feet From Uganda’s Beloved Beer

Mwenge bigere, also known as tonto, is a traditional Ugandan fermented beverage that translates as feet beer.


Tanzanian Women Battle Virus-Fighting “Liberator” Cassava But Challenges Loom

Jaudi women’s group in Kisamwene Village, Butiama district in Mara region of Tanzania received a “Mkombozi” cassava variety from the Tanzanian national agricultural research center,



Biotechnology Research Approaches in Uganda with Special Focus on Cassava Brown Streak Virus Pandemic in Uganda



Proceedings of the International Conference on Agro-Biotechnology, Biosafety and Seed Systems in Developing Countries



International Conference on Agro-biotechnology, Biosafety and Seed Systems in Developing countries.



A Social Audit Model for Agro-biotechnology Public-Private Partnerships



Advances in insect pest management technologies of agricultural crops: an integrated approach



Industrial Biotechnology Opportunities and Progress in Uganda



Prevalence of Columnaris, ecto-parasite and fungal conditions in selected fish farms


Assessment of the potential for horizontal gene flow from transgenic bananas to rhizosphere inhabiting microorganisms


Biotechnology regulation in a developing country context: the role of scientists


Exploiting the use of biotechnology in sweetpotato for improved nutrition and food security: Progress and future outlook


Bioconversion potential of common agricultural lignocellulosic wastes


Sources of resistance to stem rust among selected wheat germplasm

Media Bio-Cafes!

SCIFODE holds a Monthly Media Bio-Café that brings Journalists together to interact with scientists and other experts on several topical issues. Recently SCIFODE introduced University students as a new category of students that will participate in the Biocafe with the main objective on mentoring them in science and science communication. Most issues discussed in the Biocafe are reported in local radio stations and newspapers. 

Six different topics were discussed on different aspects of Biotechnology including how its potential can be exploited in the drug industry. More journalists are picking interest in Biotechnogy and we have always registered increasing number of attendance. Every time we meet, the outcome is reported in the print media informing learning and decision making.

Land grabbing in research Labs

Land grabbing has transcended all sectors, government Research Labs have not been excluded,


Cassava Breeding &  Cassava Pharmacy

Cassava resistant varieties, engaging in cassava farming, markets, value addition among others,


Success Stories in Bio-Tech

Orange Fleshed Sweet Potatoes Remedies Malnutrition

OFSP are a source of beta-carotene or Vitamin A which is a major fighter against the 40% of malnuorished Uganda children. Read More...

Banana wilt resistant variety increases farmers'yields

Banana wilt, a major risk to banana production can be avoided by using the resistant varieties. Read More...

Mukono Farmers Earning Millions with new Cassava Variety

Farmers in Mukono are using the newly introduced cassava variety to increase production and surplus for monetary gains. Read More...


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