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Over 70% of Uganda’s Population live in the rural areas and almost 100% of that practice Agriculture as their primary source of livelihoods. These farmers participate in policy-formulations through their various representations that begin from the sub-county levels up to the national level. However, it is the national representatives that get to influence the policy decisions that affect the majority of people. The lower key influential groups have to feed into these various stages of representation. 

SCIFODE for the last 3 year have partnered with NARO through UBIC to reach out to the grassroots in all the major regions of Uganda to sensitize farmers on the benefits of biotechnology and how it can help them address some of their major challenges. following a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed with the National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO) to reach out to leaders in the various communities across Uganda through workshops and radio talk shows. The communities are represented by farmers and their leaders, Political leaders, religious and other opinion leaders, civil servants, teachers, and the media.

The major objective of these meetings are to sensitize the rural communities on the various scientific responses which are in place and those which are ongoing which are in response to their various challenges. And also to inform the rural people and various leaders on some key policies that are in place on that are ongoing which will influence them in one way or the other; and also to diffuse misinformation and misconception which could be existing in such communities.


In 2015, the SCIFODE-UBIC Out-reach programme rolled out to four additional sub-regions of Uganda that included Mid-West, West Nile, Lango and Teso Sub-Region covering over 20 districts and 400 participants that included farmers, farmer representatives, politicians, civil servants, regions and opinion leaders, academicians/teachers and the media. Major regions were four with a total of 28 districts and 330 participants representing all categories participated. Four radio talkshows and press conferences with journalists were conducted. The meetings addressed misconceptions especially surrounding Biotechnology and its products.

Communities were able to learn about modern biotechnology for the first time from NARO, Biotechnology; champions and communicators were established and equipped in every region we went to. Over 300 participants received information materials on biotechnology in their various languages. Farmers were able to share their fears, concerns and rumors they had which were addressed by NARO Experts.


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