Media Bio-Cafes

Discussions of Key Issues with Journalists

12-Feb-2015: Cassava and Pharmacy; Cassava Breeding

Discussions Included presentations about cassava resistant varieties, engaging in cassava farming, markets, value addition among others

02-Oct-2015: Importance of securing Research Land from land grabbers

Land grabbing has transcended all sectors, government Research Labs have not been excluded. Heated discussions here unearthed interesting insights into this phenomena.

About Media BioCafes

SCIFODE holds a Monthly Media Bio-Café that brings Journalists together to interact with scientists and other experts on several topical issues. Recently SCIFODE introduced University students as a new category of students that will participate in the Biocafe with the main objective on mentoring them in science and science communication. The major partners in the Media Biocafes implementation have been; 
  • Virus Resistant Cassava for Africa (VIRCA) Project  
  • Uganda Science Journalists Association (USJA). 
  • NARO’s National Crops Resources Research Institute (NaCRRI); 
  • Uganda Land Alliance; 
  • Pharmaceutical Society of Uganda; 
  • Uganda Media Center; 
  • Uganda Parliamentary Journalists Association (UPPA); the 
  • Uganda National Farmers Federation (UNFFE). 

Most issues discussed in the Biocafe are reported in local radio stations and newspapers. 

Six different topics were discussed on different aspects of Biotechnology including how its potential can be exploited in the drug industry. More journalists are picking interest in Biotechnogy and we have always registered increasing number of attendance. Every time we meet, the outcome is reported in the print media informing learning and decision making.


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