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Farmers and scientists embrace NARO technologies.

The article was first published by The Daily Monitor August 21st, 2017
By Lominda Afedraru

There are efforts by scientists in agricultural sector in Uganda to breed key crops using conventional and biotechnology mechanism in a bid for farmers to grow crops which are resistant to pests and diseases and tolerant to drought to achieve improved yields.

Scientists from the National Agricultural Research Organistation (NARO) have been breeding hybrid varieties of crops like maize, cassava, rice, sweet potato, banana among others which farmers  grow countrywide.

There has also been an initiative by the scientists who breed these crops using modern biotechnology approach mainly addressing issues of pests and diseases, drought tolerance and food nutrient.

They include banana resistant against bacterial wilt, nematodes and black sigatoka, cassava against Cassava Brown Streak Virus(CBSV) and Cassava Mosaic Virus (CMV), banana rich in Vitamin A and Iron, Irish potatoes against bacterial blight, maize resistance against maize stalk borer and drought tolerance and herbicide resistant cotton against ball worm.



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